Lodging Systems

True hospitality includes front-of-house convenience, easy access to guest rooms, and back-of-house security from start to finish. Leadingway Ventures focuses on all aspects of hotel operations in order to make them more effective, boost visitor happiness, and save expenses. Successful hotel guest experiences have one thing in common: technology. The modern traveler has adopted a mobile mindset and is looking for a more personalized experience. We offer a wide range of dormakaba lodging solutions with recognizable brands such as Ilco and Saflok. As a leading supplier in Sri Lanka, we provide secure access control solutions throughout your entire hotel and resort property.

Saffire LX


Saflok QuantumIV

Saflok Quantum RFID

Saflok MT RFID

Confidant RFID

Mobile Access Solutions

Energy Saver Keycard Switch

Saflok Secure Shift

Saflok DeskLinc

Saflok Secure Shift Advanced


ILCO Front Desk Unit (FDU)

Saflok System 6000

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