Electronic Access & Data

Flexible access control and data gathering solutions for a wide range of applications, suitable for office or private use. Our solutions are fully compatible and interoperable, and our software platforms are tailored to your specific requirements.

Digital Entry Pull Handle

Digital Rim Lock RL320 

Digital Glass Lock GL220 

Digital Mortise Lock ML330 

Digital Mortise Lock ML530/550

Premium Push/Pull Digital Lock MP730/750 

PUSH/PULL Digital Lock DP830/850 

Access Manager 92 30 

Registration Unit 90 04 

Registration Unit 90 03 

Registration Unit 90 02 

Registration Unit 90 01 

Registration Unit 90 00 

Biometric Reader 91 50

Compact Reader 91 10 

Compact Reader 91 04 

C-Lever Air 

C-Lever Compact 

C-Lever Pro 

Mechatronic Cylinder

Digital Cylinder 

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