Saflok Secure Shift Advanced

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The main function of the Secure Shift Advanced is to validate hotel staff keycards for the next work shift. When combined with Saflok System 6000, the Secure Shift Advanced facilitates keycard control efficiency, guest safety and employee management. In addition, Secure Shift Advanced offers online lock features without requiring online locks and a Messenger Lens backbone. Messages are passed to and from Secure Shift Advanced units and the Saflok locks via the keycards. The Secure Shift Advanced devices communicate continuously with the property’s Saflok System 6000.


  • Staff card synchronization (refresh of access rights and schedules on the staff key automatically upon clock-in).
  • Remote card cancellations (individual or group).
  • Send alerts/messages to employees as they clock-in.
  • Automatically deactivates key upon employee clock-out.
  • Time and Attendance interface.
  • Automatic audit-trail when presenting staff card to station.
  • Lock status Alerts/Notifications.
  • Password protection (user defined).


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