Saflok Secure Shift

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Saflok Secure Shift presents a detailed approach to managing employee time, attendance, and access. Saflok understands that effective employee management can be challenging, especially in large hotels containing many rooms and luxury resorts with sprawling properties. When combined with Saflok System 6000TM, keycard control efficiency, guest safety and employee management can be achieved with the Saflok Secure Shift unit.


Small, lightweight and durable

Saflok Secure Shift leaves a minimal footprint making it an ideal fit for even the busiest spaces. Its compact design makes it ideal for easy wall mounting. When strategically installed throughout the property, Saflok Secure Shift controls access to rooms during specified work shifts. Saflok Secure Shift supports Mifare Classic (4 byte NUID) (ISO 14443A) credentials.


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