C-Lever Compact 

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The elegant and functional door fitting.

Open your doors in a natural way: just present an authorised access medium to the c-lever and a green light appears on the digital light unit – then you open the door as usual with the lever handle. Set your access rights and change them quickly and flexibly whenever you need, to operate your system in standalone, remote or online mode.


Wireless function – c-lever compact:

Thanks to our wireless solution, you can enjoy remote access to your access system, and manage and maintain the c-lever compact from the comfort of your desk.

The c-lever compact offers stylish design combined with a wide range of functions. Its innovative design means that it can be installed upside down, which is great for doors in tight spaces, such as glass doors, or doors where the cylinder is located above the lever handle.

  • Free choice of lever handle to suit design requirements.
  • Wireless functionality.
  • Award-winning design – Awarded a special mention in the ‘Building and Elements’ category at the German Design Award 2017.


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