Sofia Colombo


Colombo, Sri Lanka


Dormakaba automatic entrance systems, Hinges, door closers, and locks

Sofia Colombo City hotel is located in the heart of Colombo, A luxurious hotel with a breathtaking sea view. Equipped with facilities such as an outdoor rooftop swimming pool with gorgeous city/Sea views, a fitness center, and a restaurant with a bar. The sofia Colombo hotel is well known for its amenities and luxury.

Our contribution to the project

Our recent project at the Sofia Colombo Hotel involved a comprehensive installation of advanced access solutions. We installed An ES 200 sensor door operator at the front entrance of the building. We installed an elevator RFID access system through RFID Access Cards, and are proud to have installed every hotel lock in the building along with speed adjustable door closers and durable dormakaba hinges. This comprehensive installation process was carried out seamlessly with precision and professionalism thanks to our team of experts at Leadingway Ventures and our highly experienced Service Team ensuring that  the hotel’s security and look and feel furthermore enhance the hotels intended plan of architectural design.


  • The hotel needed a reliable automatic door operator for the front entrance to ensure smooth and efficient entry for guests, the previously installed door operator from another brand and another company was unreliable as they gave no support services. This inconsistency caused a lot of inconveniences and potential security threats.
  • The hotel wanted an effective access system in elevators in order to restrict access to certain floors due to security concerns and compromised guest privacy and safety.


  • Leadingway Ventures stepped in to resolve the issues with the front door automation. Our team of experts removed the unreliable door operator and installed the Dormakaba ES 200 sensor door operator. This solution provided smooth and efficient automated entry, significantly improving the guest experience.
  • To address the need for restricted floor access, Leadingway designed and implemented an RFID access card system for the elevators. Our team installed the necessary hardware and integrated the system into the hotel’s infrastructure ensuring the safety and authorized access to all floors.


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