Vavuniya Hospital


Vavuniya , Srilanka


Armaflex class O and ArmaSound Super Silence Duct Liner

Vavuniya Hospital is a government body ensuring the optimum health of the citizens in Vavuniya, Sri Lanka. It is the leading hospital in Vavuniya District and is controlled by the provincial government in Jaffna.

Our contribution to the project

Leadingway Ventures , lead the path in making the Vavuniya Hospital project which was initiated by the Ministry of health, nutrition and & indigenous medicine a great success by providing NBR tubes, sheet & acoustic Insulation using Nitrile butadiene rubber from the premium brand Armaflex & Armasound. Ensuring that the perfect accoustic and thermal solutions are provided for the comfort of future patients and healthcare professionals alike in the Vavuniya hospital.

The challenge: The Ministry of health was looking for a solution that prevent condensation and noise pollution for the comfort of the patients.

The solution: The solution our experts had for the special requirement was to optimize the thermal loss by providing the products with an adequate thickness , they provided the complete thermal solution to prevent condensation and the complete acoustic solution to prevent noise pollution.

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