Kanuhura Resort




Dormakaba ES 200 Easy

Kanuhura Resort, an island retreat situated in Lhaviyani Atoll, the Maldives, a true paradise for free-spirited travellers. Inspired by the concept of ‘gypsy jet-setters’ or ‘gypsetters’ a term coined by Muza Lab – the project focused on pulling inspiration from these two concepts. Combining the free-spirited lifestyle of ‘gypsies’ with the decadence and the spontaneity of ‘the jet set-life.’

Muza Lab completely redesigned and reimagined the private island resort breathing new life and spirit into the holiday retreat.

Our contribution to the project

Leadingway Ventures was the primary supplier of Dormakaba ES200 Easy Automatic Sliding Door Systems at Kanuhura Resort Maldives

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