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Dormakaba ES 200 Easy

Offering authentic and enriching experiences, JW Marriott Maldives Resort & Spa offers a nature-inspired architecture and interior design concept by Isabelle Miaja and her Singapore-based team.

The architecture of the water villas is constructed in traditional thatched style, adding to the authentic Maldivian experience. Structurally, they also pay tribute to the Heron bird, an emblem of good luck for many locals. The shape and lines of the thatched roof has a tip that resembles a beak of the bird, and the composition is slightly slanted, to portray the Heron dipping its head into the water to catch fish.

Our contribution to the project

Leadingway Ventures was the primary supplier of Dormakaba ES200 Easy Automatic Sliding Door Systems at J W Marriot Resort Maldives.

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