Havelock City Mall & Office Tower


Colombo, Sri Lanka


dormakaba ED 100, dormakaba ST-Flex

The design for this 50-storey office tower is a vertical embodiment of 600,000 sq. ft. of accessibility and functionality; an energy-efficient corporate environment equipped with modern luxuries and all amenities required for the smooth functioning of the business. Mireka Tower will house premium, energy-efficient office space at the 18-acre Havelock City mixed-use development along with expansive, column-free, and light-filled offices, alongside cityscape views. Also, Havelock City is in the process of constructing a world-class mall which is more than 200,000 sq ft, where you’ll find fashion and accessories, beauty and cosmetics, electronics, homeware items, a supermarket, banking facilities, and more.

Our contribution to the project

Under the contractor China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd, Leadingway Ventures was the primary supplier of dormakaba ED 100 and dormakaba ST-Flex for the Havelock City Mall and Office tower project.

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