Havelock City Mall


Colombo, Sri Lanka


Dormakaba automatic entrance systems, panic hardware, fittings, door closers, and locks

Havelock City Mall, a 6-floor complex of sophistication, located in Colombo 06 Srilanka is packed with some of the most iconic retailers together with international brands and a truly amazing food court with dishes from around the world as well as local favorites, it features Srilanka’s first IMAX cinema , a gaming arcade and an adventure zone for kids, As an integration of a shopping center, a diverse food court and an entertainment portal Havelock city is more than a mere shopping center.

Our contribution to the project

To enhance the accessibility and convenience of the Havelock City Mall Leadingway Ventures supplied dormakaba automated entrance systems and door hardware for the entire building making the project started by the contractor China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd an innovative success.

To ensure a convenient fire escape system Leadingway Ventures provided the Dormakaba ES200 STD Automatic Door Operator with fire-rated glass and complete profile system with fire-rated intumescent seals in the car park basement. With its integrated battery backup system, continuous operation is assured, even in emergency situations. Further, the installation of ES 200 operator in the front entrance and the Ironmongery Leadingway Ventures paved the path for convenience and sophistication giving the havelock city mall an unforgettable first impression and magnificent aesthetics.

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