Dilmah Tea Factory


Peliyagoda, Srilanka


Armaflex class O

A gorgeously refined modern architecture against a green sea of tea plants , amidst the greenery hills and waterfalls is indeed a sight to behold, Dilmah tea is produced by a family of tea growers who care for tea from the nursery to the cup. With over 60 years in tea, Merrill J. Fernando is today the most experienced teamaker in the world. Dilmah tea factory is the highest factory in the island manufacturing Tea.

Our contribution to the project

The Leadingway Ventures private limited was the supplier of Armaflex class O from NBR for the Dilmah Tea Factory project in Peliyagoda making the project by the contractor Tudawe Engineering Services Pvt Ltd an innovative success.

Armaflex being a Class 0 certified fire classification ensures that insulation materials does not contribute to fire. It minimize water vapour ingress and prevents condensation and reduce energy loses making it the perfect thermal solution to use in a tea factory , especially for one as massive as the Dilmah tea factory as it is a flexible elastomeric foam based on synthetic rubber ideal for hot and cold water services, chilled water lines, heating systems, air conditioning ductwork, refrigerated pipework process and industrial pipework and equipment.

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