ALM Seychelles


Seychelles , Africa


Armaflex class O

The breathtakingly serene resort Anse A La Mouche in Seychells is a resort filled with tranquility and brilliance, The gorgeous resort architecture adds a modern touch of sophistication to the splashes of the shallow blue waters and sunshine.

Our contribution to the project

Leadingway Ventures was the supplier of Armaflex class O for the Anse A La Mouche project in Seychelles, by the contractor Sunken Overseas (Pvt) Ltd.

Armaflex class O being a FM approved and a certified thermal insulator was able to effectively reduce thermal and energy loss. The project didn’t require any additional water vapour barriers as it was already provided by the Armaflex class O , As a resort known for the natural beauty and environment as well as it’s luxury , the Armaflex class O ensures the environment is safe in these times of high ozone layer depletions, providing an eco friendly service.

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