TS 79

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dormakaba TS 79 door closer – The inexpensive compact quality solution for standard doors assured.

  • Non-handed
  • Suitable for Fire doors
  • Cover size EN 2, 3 and 4
  • Adjustable closing speed adjustable at 2 separate valves
  • Backcheck function
  • Optional hold-open function


For almost all common door types

With the TS 79, dormakaba has developed a door closer that rounds off its ClassicLine series perfectly. The ease and speed with which it can be fixed, the fact that its spring strength can be so easily adapted to the door size –by simply turning round the closer arms power shoe and changes in templating position allows an easy selection of the closing force to suit various door sizes

Inexpensive compact quality

Its competitive price should make it the ideal choice for your application.

Certified manufacture to ISO 9001.

Benefits for the installer / fabricator

  • Non-handed design
  • Easy and quick to fix
  • The TS 79’s size setting is selected for the door width by moving the closer body and/or turning the arm power shoe
  • 1. Closing speed adjustable in the range 180° – 15°
  • 2. Closing speed adjustable in the range 15° – 0°.
  • 3. Hold-open range for model with hold-open arm (optional)

Benefits for the architect / specifier

  • Competitive and reliable
  • Compact construction combined with classic design

Benefits for the user

  • Constant closing action virtually unaffected by temperature fluctuations
  • Optimum closing speed adjustment with two regulating valves
  • Reliable closing with adjustable latching action

Benefits for the trade / distributor

  • Increased stocking
  • flexibility thanks to the standard ClassicLine series arm
  • Complements the ClassicLine series as a competitive model for standard doors

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