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The TMS Soft PC software for door management offers the central management of any door in the project build and any function on the door. The ergonomic user interface is a convenient way to parameterize the individual functions of a TMS door control unit. With visualizations of real-time status messages for the door, it is easy to securely monitor TMS escape route door control units and operate them as needed with the click of a button.

  • Control, visualization and configuration of escape route doors
  • Integrated access control
  • Integration of locks, drives, etc.
  • Special applications, e.g. interlocks, etc.
  • To manage LAN / LON networks
  • Connection to building management


TMS Soft

The universal software for the convenient control, administration, monitoring and documentation of individual doors and door groups as well as all door functions in the TMS escape route security systems. An unlimited number of doors can be connected through a LAN or LON network. Other dormakaba components such as automatic and sliding door drives, SVP / M-SVP locks and access control readers can also be managed in real time.

TMS Soft comes into its own particularly in highly complex project solutions. LAN or LON makes it possible to network all escape route doors, realize psychiatric clinic solutions with central control via panel systems or set up multi-door interlocks. TMS Soft can also be expanded with access control functions and can be integrated into building management systems.

TMS Soft Basic

Aside from the missing networking option, the basic version corresponds to the TMS Soft PC software.

TMS OPC Server

Software to couple dormakaba TMS Soft with OPC-supporting building or security management systems.

ESPA Interface

Software interface between TMS Soft and telecommunications systems. dormakaba TMS Soft – ideal for complex projects

TMS Soft meets the requirements of very complex projects, as it allows linking all escape route doors via LAN or LON. The system is also perfectly suitable to realise applications in psychiatric facilities, which are controlled from a central location via control panels, and facilitates the set-up of airlock systems with several doors. In addition, you can add access control functions and incorporate TMS Soft into building management systems.

TMS Soft

The universal software for convenient control, management, monitoring and documentation of individual doors and groups of doors as well as all door functions of TMS emergency exit control systems. It is possible to connect an unlimited number of doors via LAN or LON network. The system also allows real-time management of further dormakaba components like automatic and swing door operators, SVP/M-SVP locks, and access control readers.

TMS Soft Basic

The basic version offers the same functions as the TMS Soft PC software, but is not network ready.

Door manager

The integral VDU unit for door visualisation and control with its freely configurable graphical user interface is ready to load building and floor maps so that you can directly see and adjust all escape route functions.

MATRIX – TMS coupling/linking

In conjunction with the dormakaba MATRIX access control software, TMS Soft can be upgraded to a comprehensive and low-priced access control system. All you have to do is connect DCW® card readers to the TMS control board – no complex cabling and additional hardware like access control units is required.

TMS OPC server

Software to use dormakaba TMS Soft with OPC building management systems or security management systems.

ESPA interface

Software interface between TMS Soft and telecommunications systems.

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