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Escape route doors are monitored and controlled centrally with TMS panel systems. Specific doors or door groups can be operated from remote locations, which is a good option particularly for interlock applications or as access solutions for security areas. This system is frequently used in forensic or psychiatric areas in which individual escape route doors do not have an individual emergency stop switch; instead this switch is installed centrally in an area that is constantly occupied. The panel(s) can be networked via LON, LAN or a conventional RS485 bus depending on the requirements.

  • Central control and monitoring of doors
  • Central activation from a constantly occupied control room
  • Specific opening of individual doors
  • Integration into LAN/LON networks or RS-bus network
  • Definition of door groups
  • Unlimited number of doors


Convenient modular arrangement

The panel systems are organised in a modular system. Depending on the configuration, from a 19” module rack to wall and table assemblies, the system includes the central basic module with key switch, inputs and outputs, operating modules for the door controls, System 55 module panels or blind covers.

Efficient additional functions

The panel system can be activated by danger or fire detection systems as well as other external operating systems via potential-free NC contacts and trigger the emergency release of the doors. If a System 55 emergency stop switch in TL-N S55 is integrated into the system, all doors can be released simultaneously.

Networking options

Depending on the type of network, LON or LAN modules are needed to integrate the panel systems into a TMS network. In small networks or those limited to 64 doors, another option is RS 485 wiring in connection with TMS-IF door nodes.

Advantages of the LAN/LON network technology

In LAN and LON panels, the amount of managed doors is unlimited. Parallel operation of several panels triggering the same doors is also possible, as is the simultaneous use of panel systems and computers with TMS Soft.

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