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The networking of TMS systems via the LON (Local Operating Network) field bus standard for the central parameterization, control and monitoring of escape route doors is suitable for large projects with complex requirements, extensive and decentralised networks as well as for small systems.

  • Central management of TMS via LON
  • No continuous operation of a server PC required
  • Realisation of parallel panels
  • Realisation of complex systems with multi-door interlocks
  • Free selection of network topology
  • Unlimited network range and number of nodes


Wiring / application

Easy wiring is possible with a two-wire bus line. Standard installation cables such as J-Y(St)Y twisted pair or fibre optic cables can be used, among others. In contrast to limited RS 485 bus networks, the dormakaba LON network with FTT (Free Topology Transceiver) offers the benefits of simple network expansions, a free choice of topology ranging from “bus” (line) to “free” (star, ring, mixed) and an unlimited range and number of participants. If the LON modules are equipped with binding, other complex applications such as parallel panels or the targeted fire alarm deactivation of individual doors or multi-door interlocks are possible.

TMS LON Module

With the help of the TMS LON module, TL-S TMS 2 control boards, LON panel systems and the motor lock control units SVP-S DCW® and M-SVP-S DCW® are integrated into LON networks. They are joined with a simple plug connection.


The compact TMS LON UP module can be installed in device boxes and is suitable for connecting the TMS Comfort flush-mounted escape route security system and the automatic or sliding door drives ED 100/250 and ES 200 to LON networks.

TMS LON Gateway

Gateway for the connection of dormakaba escape route control units with TMS LON modules or to connect the TMS LON network environment with the TMS Soft server PC via USB.

LON 1-Port-Repeater FTT

The 1-port repeater is required for bus lengths from 900 m or more than 64 LON participants. It expands the capacity by an additional 64 nodes.

LON 10-Port-Repeater FTT

The 10-channel multi-port repeater is required for bus lengths from 900 m or more than 64 LON participants. Each channel amounts to the additional bus length of 900 m or 64 additional participants. The multi-port repeater can also be used as a LON router if desired.


LON-LWL (fibreglass) router to implement different copper media and transfer rates, e.g. FTT to LWL. Using this in the backbone area enables cable lengths of several kilometres.

LON terminating resistor

Resistor for the termination of LON FTT networks. In a free topology one resistor is needed and two are needed in a bus topology.

Input/Output Module DCW® LON/LAN

Bus coupling module with four freely programmable inputs and outputs each to connect products with analog switch contacts to the dormakaba DCW® system bus. The module can also be networked via LON module and LON gateway or LAN module. In the LON/LAN mode, the parameters of the inputs and outputs can be set freely and transferred to the visualization via TMS Soft.

Perfectly suitable – also for complex applications

Easy cabling via a 2-wire bus cable like for example J-Y (St) Y, twisted pair or fibre-optic cabling. In contrast to RS 485 bus networks with limited range, dormakaba LON networks with FFT (Free Topology Transceiver) facilitate the extension of the network and allow both bus topology (line) and free topology networks (star, ring, mixed) with unlimited reach and an unlimited number of components. When LON modules are provided with a binding, you can also realise more complex applications (parallel operation of control panels, fire alarm switch-off for individual doors or airlocks with several door sets etc.).

TMS LON module

The TMS LON module is used to incorporate TL-S TMS 2 control and interface boards, LON control panels as well as SVP-S DCW® and M-SVP-S DCW® motor lock controls into LON networks. The system is connected via a simple plug-in connection.

Flush-mounted TMS LON module

The flush-mounted TMS LON module is ready for installation in device boxes and suitable for connection of emergency exit control components from the flush-mounted TMS Comfort product range, as well as ED 100/250 automatic swing door operators, and ES 200 sliding door operators.

TMS LON gateway

Gateway for the networking of dormakaba emergency exit control units withTMS LON modules, and for connection to PC systems with TMS Soft via USB interface. With the TMS Soft software, you can parameterise outputs as desired and visualise them.

LON 1-Port-Repeater FTT

The LON 1-port repeater is required for expansion of the LON circuit for an additional 64 nodes and bus lengths > 900 m.

LON 10-Port-Repeater FTT

The LON 10-channel multi-port repeater is required for expansion of the LON circuit for an additional 64 nodes per port and bus lengths > 900 m. It is also possible to use the multi-port repeater as LON router.


LON LWL (fibre-optic) router for the implementation of different copper media and transmission rates, for example FTT on LWL/fibre optic cabling. Suitable for use in the backbone section over several km.

LON terminating resistor

Resistor to terminate LON FTT networks. Free topology networks require a single terminating resistor and bus topology networks require two terminating resistors.

DCW® LON/LAN input/output module

Bus interface module with four freely programmable inputs and outputs for connection of devices with analogue switching contacts to the dormakaba DCW® system bus. In addition, the module is ready for networking via LON module and LON gateway or LAN module. In LON/LAN mode, you can parameterise inputs and outputs as desired and visualise them with the aid of the TMS Soft software.

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