SVP 4000

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SVP locks automatically lock doors after each closing cycle – offering the ultimate in both convenience and security. The automatic deadbolt projection of 20 mm ensures that the door is always locked in accordance with property insurance requirements. The additional anti-thrust engagement of the clawbolt latch provides two-point locking for enhanced security.

  • Emergency escape/panic function in accordance with EN 179
  • For narrow stile and timber doors
  • Automatic relocking action
  • Universal trip latch
  • With feedback contacts to signal door status


Convenient, safe and secure

The SVP 4000 emergency escape lock is particularly suitable for project build doors of which the status needs to be monitored or which have been incorporated within an emergency exit control system. Thanks to the emergency escape function, the door can be readily opened by simply operating the lever handle, while the automatic relocking mechanism ensures secure lock re-engagement once the door has closed.

With various monitoring functions

The feedback contacts of the lock allow the latch, deadbolt, cylinder and lever handle all to be monitored. The signaling functions of the SVP 4000 are particularly suitable for monitoring and ensuring the convenient operation of doors in emergency exit and escape routes, but can also be used to trigger alarm systems or for remote monitoring.

Operational versatility

SVP locks are available in different models suitable for over-rebated or flush-closing timber doors and also narrow stile doors. They are likewise flexible in terms of their installation position thanks to the non-handed (universal) trip latch. They have been approved as emergency exit locks for doors in escape routes and for use on fire and smoke check doors.

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