Strike Plates & Accessories 

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The different types of strike plates, keepers and extensive range of accessories available ensure that virtually any requirement specific to a particular door situation can be readily met.

  • Made of high-grade stainless steel
  • Flanged, flat and special strike plates
  • Bolt monitoring contact
  • Rectifier module
  • Strike Prep 447 dummy strike
  • Easy Adapt latch action


Flanged, flat and special strike plates

Strike plates made of stainless steel for all DORMA Electric Strikes, with a broad range of options to suit almost any installation.

Bolt monitoring contact

Bolt monitoring contact compliant with property insurance category VDS class C, certificate No. G 193 082, with a floating changeover contact for monitoring the locking of doors.

Rectifier module

Rectifier module for connecting an AC supply to a DC strike. Supply voltage: 12V – 24V AC. Output to electric strike: 12V – 24V DC, max. 700 mA.

Strike Prep 447 dummy strike

Symmetrically designed insert used in preparation for a strike retrofit. With adjustable latch, non-handed, suitable for rebated and flush-closing doors.

Easy Adapt latch guide

Robust and versatile strike cover with integrated latch guide. Effectively prevents jamming of the latch bolt and, by avoiding disruptive recesses, helps keep thermal insulation intact while also enhancing unit appearance.

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