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Thanks to its position-independent (non-handed) smoke protection approval, the electric strike Smoke is suitable to unlock smoke doors. The standardised product range offers the suitable model for your individual field of application – in renowned dormakaba quality. Electric strikes for smoke doors are available for all conventional operating voltages and provide a comprehensive range of accessories.

  • Smoke protection clearance in any position
  • LH / RH neutral installation
  • Can be delivered in 6-12V, 12V and 24V versions
  • Adjustable latch to compensate for installation tolerances
  • Version with feedback contact
  • Integrated overvoltage protection


Secure and convenient access control

The Smoke opener for smoke doors is well-suited for the convenient release of fire and smoke doors, for example when combined with intercoms or access control. Wherever controlled access, security and convenience are indispensible, versions for all conventional operational voltages are available to guarantee universal applicability.

Considerable simplification in planning and installation

The symmetrically designed housing makes it possible to install the Smoke opener for smoke doors in any position (LH / RH), which makes the daily planning and installation work much easier. Uniform housing dimensions, a simple connection to all conventional operational voltages and an adjustable latch guarantee an effortless adjustment to a wide range of doors and construction features.

Consistent product benefits

Thanks to its smoke protection clearance in any position, the Smoke opener for smoke doors can be used universally with a wide range of locks and door types. Integrated overvoltage protection effectively prevents damage to preconnected products, such as access control. The Smoke opener for smoke doors is equally suitable for flush-closing and non-rebated doors. Proof of suitability required.

The Smoke opener for smoke doors is available in an operating current version and in the variants 6-12 V DC, 12 V DC and 24 V DC. The door opener is also available in a version with a feedback contact and can be optionally equipped with an easy-adapt latch guide.

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