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Rockinsul Building Rolls are mainly used in pre-engineered buildings for roofs and walls to achieve excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. They can be used for both under purlin and over purlin applications on the roof.

The stone wool fibers in Rockinsul Building Rolls are fine and uniformly distributed, ensuring excellent and uniform thermal resistance. The stable stone wool fibers, bonded with thermosetting resins, are lightweight, strong, and resilient.


Facing Types

ROCKINSUL Building Rolls are available with ALG and FSK facings, which provide an efficient vapor barrier. The product is also available with kraft paper facing.

Working Temperature

Fiber: Up to 750 °C

Facing: 100 °C

At temperatures in excess of 230 °C, a limited migration of binder may occur in the insulation in contact with the hot face. This does not impair the insulation performance.

Fire Safety Performance

Unfaced Rockinsul Building Rolls are non-combustible when tested in accordance with IS 3144, BS 476 (part 4), ISO 1182, and ASTM E136 and are classified as Class A1, in accordance with European norms. Unfaced, FSK, and ALG-faced Rockinsul Building Rolls have the following fire safety rating achievements:

Class 1 surface spread of flame in accordance with BS 476 (part 7)

Class 0 in accordance with BS 476 (part 6 & 7) and British Building Regulations.

Surface burning characteristics in accordance with ASTM E84 / UL 723

a: Fire Spread Index: Less than 25

b: Smoke Developed Index: Less than 50


Rockinsul Building Rolls are commonly used on the walls and roofs (under and over purlins) of pre-engineered buildings, prefabricated houses, poultry farms, and HVAC ducting.


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