Rockwool Insulation 

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Insultherm® Rockwool / Mineralwool is a type of stone wool that is frequently used as an insulator for buildings. Insultherm® Rockwool is manufactured by heating certain minerals to their melting point and then spinning the minerals until they solidify in the shape of threads. Insultherm® Rockwool / Mineral wool is frequently used as raw material for insulation for many various reason including, When packed into its final insulating foam, Rockwool is a poor heat conductor. This prevents heat from escaping a structure that has been insulated with rockwool. Insultherm® Rockwool is also a noise dampener, so it does not transfer sound waves very efficiently. This reduces the noise pollution that can occur from loud sounds within a structure.  Insultherm® Rockwool / Mineralwool is fire resistant.

Insultherm® Rockwool / Mineralwool Insulation are applicable in Insulation Slab, Blanket, Insulation Pipe Insulation, Building Insulation, EIFS / ETICS, Oil Refineries, Nuclear Power Plants, HVAC Insulation and Kitchen Duct Insulation Sound / Acoustic Insulation, Cryogenic Tanks and Equipment Insulation, Industrial Boilers.

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