Power Supply Units 

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Power supply units for the power supply of various TMS escape route security system components, motor lock control units, SVP/SVZ 6000 locks, door openers, etc.

  • Variants for surface-mounted and flush-mounted installation
  • Variants for emergency power supply units through rechargeable battery packs
  • Variants with rechargeable battery charge control and deep discharge protection
  • Different types of installations


PSU 24 flush-mounted power supply unit

Switching power supply unit for installation in flush-mounted switch boxes for the direct current power supply of dormakaba door openers, locks or control units.

NT 24-1.5 Power supply unit

Power supply unit with display of operating conditions to connect the TMS control and connection units or SVP motor lock control units. Available as a power supply unit module without housing as an option.

NT 1224 N emergency power unit

Power supply unit module with rechargeable battery charge control, deep discharge protection switch and floating power failure alarm in a tamper-proof sheet steel case that can be locked. It is preset for emergency power supply with the AP 3034 rechargeable battery pack.

USV 700

The MT 700 USV uninterruptible power supply provides emergency power for dormakaba escape route security systems, motor locks, automatic drives, etc., with an output of 700 VA.

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