Polyurethane (PUR) Insulations 

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Insultherm® Polyurethane (PUR) rigid foam is one of the most efficient, high-performance insulation materials, enabling very effective energy savings with the minimum occupation of space. Insultherm® Polyurethane (PUR) Insulation foam is a CFC Free rigid closed-cell which gives high-performance insulation for the pipe, cold, cryogenic, vessel, equipment, and tank insulation applications.

Insultherm® Polyurethane (PUR) Insulation materials have many diverse applications in HVAC Systems, Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Process Plant, Cryogenic, and General Insulation Industries. Insultherm® Polyurethane (PUR) Insulation materials have been approved by reputed consultants with excellent technical compliance that exceeds/meets all of the requirements of ASTM/British Standards.

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