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Commercial and industrial environments present unique challenges to building professionals. Specifically, extreme pipe temperatures present safety and efficiency issues engineers and contractors must overcome. Pipe insulation plays an important role in the design and construction of buildings where pipe temperatures can range from 0°F to 1000°F (-18°C to 538°C) in copper, iron, PVC, CPVC, and stainless-steel piping. Fiberglass pipe insulation and accessories are an ideal solution to meet or even exceed commercial and industrial project requirements.


  • Thermal Performance: fiberglass pipe insulation has the ability to provide thermal resistance and temperature control.
  • Efficiency: pipe insulation increases system efficiency and decreases energy loss.
  • Lightweight: fiberglass pipe insulation is lightweight, making it easy for teams to lift and transport.
  • Durability: knauf pipe insulation is built tough to resist damage.

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