Nyota 115

Product Brand


  • Powerful and stylish
    operator with gear coupling of bronze and steel in an oil bath mounted on ball bearings of extremely high-level quality and reliability. Electric motors of various power ratings.
  • Reliable
    The aluminium gearbox and cover are a total guarantee of long life over time. Manual override by lever and coded key.
  • Safe
    With the encoder, option to constantly monitor the correct gate functioning. Possible obstacles are detected and gate travel reversed. Electronic brake with gate slowdown in opening and closing.
  • Versatile
    A complete range of models is available. Suitable for residential and industrial applications. The electronic control board is either incorporated inside NYOTA 115 EVO or outside in a separate, weather-proof, polycarbonate box. Gate travel is programmed by a simple button. Master/slave function made available for bi-parting sliding gates.
  • Tested and certified
    CE marking and type testing according to ITT PDC No.2389-2008.

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