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The range of motorized locks DORMA ML, patented system, combines high security, compactness and installation / maintenance ease. It equips any profile door whether escape route or equipped with access control. DORMA ML lock will convince the building owners and end users by its great burglary protection (1 400 kg), its small concealment footprint (50 x 50 mm), its silence in operation and its minimal consumption. Installers will be seduced by its mounting ease, its hassle free wiring (all electronic and relays integrated in the chest) and the minimal necessary maintenance that it requires on the long term.

  • High security motorized lock
  • Compactness whether concealed or overhead installation
  • All external parts in stainless steel
  • Control electronic and positioning entirely integrated
  • Tested at 200,000 cycles
  • Patented system, made in France


Combine high security on a multitude of applications

  • Equipped with 2 stainless steel cylindrical latching bolts of 16 mm diameter
  • Huge resistance to shear and burglary  : 1,400 DaN (or kg)
  • Travel of bolt 20 mm authorizing  a tolerance between plate and strike
  • Adapts to any single or double leaf door operating in single or double action
  • Overhead or concealed installation, reversible left or right, vertical or horizontal
  • Exist in DAS version (24 or 48 V DC) or non-DAS (12, 24 ou 48 V DC)
  • Quick opening / closing function : 0,6 sec. / 1,0 sec.
  • Equipped with safety mode “third state”
  • Lightness and ease of manipulation during installation

 Extremely reduced concealment dimensions : 50 x 50 mm

  • Concealment in any type of metallic profile doors
  • All integrated: mechanical elements and electronic controls completely incorporated and protected by a stainless steel cover
  • Integrated multi-voltage electronic selection with simplified wiring through relay
  • Silent and discreet operation

Benefit of great sturdiness and tested reliability

  • Patented system, French manufacture
  • Overhead cover box in stainless steel
  • Reliable locking, tested for 200,000 cycles
  • Permanent power reserve included to secure bolt position
  • For DAS version or fail secure: instantaneous bolt retraction with pre-stressed spring upon order of the fire control system or door security release system.
  • High rigidity: cover cap sheet metal thickness of 1,5 mm, mounting plate thickness of 4 mm

for a low consumption and minimal maintenance

  • Maintenance is extremely reduced thanks to electronic protections and self-learning function of the DORMA ML lock in its environment
  • Sealed box, no servicing needed
  • Low consumption: 3 W in normal use, 6 W while operating

Benefits for the distributor

  • Wide range of solutions for escape route or standard situation on profile doors
  • Complete lock to provide high security and control

Benefits for the installer

  • Easy mounting and wiring thanks to integrated electronic
  • Minimal maintenance

Benefits for the architect/specifier

  • Elegance and reliability
  • High security and compacity
  • Low consumption

Benefits for the user

  • Silent and discreet operation
  • Reliable, tested for long lasting usage

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