MANET Compact / Concept

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Every room obtains an indistinguishable face with MANET Compact/ Concept point fixings. Its striking point-fixture design is characteristic for the entire system. High-quality materials and sophisticated technology ensure that the supporting structure is reduced to a minimum. As a result, this fully accentuates the aesthetics of spaciously dimensioned glass surfaces.

  • Flexible, frameless, stainless-steel point-fixture design.
  • Versatile and personally usable.
  • Glass elements are easy to install with custom fit.
  • Handicapped-accessible – without any floor rails.
  • Single and double-leaf version possible.


  • Main components consisting of rail- made of full material- and roller carriage.
  • Stopper can be positioned on the rail to limit the door’s movement.
  • Installable and adjustable directly in fittings thanks to clip-on cover technology.
  • Maximum door weight of 100 kg (Compact) or 120 kg (Concept).
  • Equipped with glass and wood elements.


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