Magnetic Door Locks Cludo

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In buildings with high-grade architecture and for residential applications, the visual appearance of flush doors is especially important. The Gege magnetic latch lock series cludo (from Latin claudo = to close) fulfils this high demand completely.

Door Lock Styles:

  • Figure: Magnetic cludo lock set, with flat key (KB) and matching striking plate.
  • Latch in retracted position (= door is open)


  • Usage category Grade 2 according to EN 12209
  • Smooth, quiet door closing
  • Elegant appearance for premium residential concepts
  • Easy to clean as there are no protruding corners and edges
  • For flush and rebate doors
  • The striking plate plate is invisible when flush doors are closed
  • No overlapping striking plates required
  • The latch never hits the striking plate, resulting in less wear and longer life.
  • For center distance 88 mm (Austrian Standard)
  • Set package for door lock and striking plate (with one single item number)

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