Geryon RDR

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Thanks to their design, Geryon RDR revolving doors (previously known as Talos RDR) offer optimum thermal separation in entrances.

These Revolving doors can optionally be equipped with a wide range of features to meet customer requirements: emergency exit function, integration of a manual or motorised automated night-time closure night shield and much more.

By choosing the relevant optional features, Geryon RDR revolving doors can be made to comply with different security standards (burglary, fire protection, etc.).

Barrier-free access is created with an additional installation of dormakaba side hinged automatic swing doors or sliding doors next to the revolving doors.

Special feature of Geryon RDR revolving doors

The T56 Column with its folding door leaves is approved for emergency exits and offers an unimpeded emergency and escape route in the event of an emergency.


Geryon RDR revolving doors

  • Energy-saving thermal separation in the axis of the door
  • Transparent all-glass units design with sophisticated profiles (RDR-S01)
  • Solutions suitable for use in escape routes
  • Personal security safety is provided in compliance with EN 16005
  • Available options:
    • Demand Locking
    • Night-time closure with sliding wings
    • Burglary resistance class RC2 and WK3

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