Fire 448 Lucky Strike 

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Electric strikes with the Lucky Strike effect unite the particular benefits of DC and AC strike technology. The standardised product range offers the suitable model for your individual field of application – certified to DIN EN 14846 and in renowned dormakaba quality. Electric strikes with Lucky Strike effect are available for all conventional operating voltages and provide a comprehensive range of accessories.

  • No acoustic signal on activation
  • Optimised behaviour under preload
  • Non-handed
  • Multi-voltage capability: 12 – 24 V DC
  • Integrated overload protection
  • Position-independent (non-handed) fire protection approval


Low planning and mounting effort

The symmetrical case of the Fire 448 Lucky allows position-independent (non-handed) mounting and thereby reduces the day-to-day planning and installation work. Thanks to uniform case dimensions, easy connection to all conventional operating voltages and the adjustable latch, the system provides easy adaptation to all kinds of doors and structural conditions.

Controlled access, high user convenience and security

The Fire 448 Lucky electric strike conveniently unlocks fire and smoke doors and may be used in conjunction with intercoms, access control systems and the like. Furthermore, the specific benefits of the Lucky Strike effect ensure universal compatibility and reliable unlocking whenever access control, security and user convenience are inseparable.

Uniform product benefits

With its activation without acoustic signal and an optimised behaviour under preload, the Lucky Strike effect is in step with actual practice. Due to the integrated overload protection, there is virtually no risk for upstream connected devices such as an access control system. In addition, the Fire 448 Lucky is also suitable for over-rebated and flush-closing doors, provided that this is allowed by the approval certificate for the door concerned.


The Fire 448 Lucky is available in fail-secure design and operable at multi-voltage between 12 and 24 V DC. With the optional GL rectifier module, the system is operable at AC voltage between 12 and 24 V AC.  The door opener is also available in versions with a feedback contact and easy-adapt latch guide.

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