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When the door opens, both door panels fold simultaneously and swivel to the sides. This creates large passages although the overall system width is rather small. In addition, the hinges are of jam-free design and therefore especially safe.

  • Minimal space requirement when opened thanks to bi-folding door panels
  • Slender profiles allowing large glass surfaces
  • Sensitive force monitoring
  • Versions with or without floor-integrated guide rails
  • DIN 18650


Stylish solution for areas with restricted lateral space

The FFT bi-folding door is especially suitable for areas where space is tight and no standard sliding door solutions may be installed. The door panels are equipped with fine-frame profile systems (G) to protect the double glazing.

For emergency exits and escape routes

This type of door is tested to DIN 18650 and approved for application in emergency exits and escape routes as specified in the German guidelines for automatic sliding doors in escape routes (AutSchR).

Fields of application

  • Interior and exterior doors in narrow passage areas
  • Public buildings
  • Barrier-free access

Maximum door dimensions

(Please consider the door panel weight and basic technical conditions)

  • Maximum clear passage width: 2000 mm
  • Maximum clear passage height 2500 mm

Supplementary equipment/options

  • Floor locking devices
  • Electromechanical locking devices
  • Floor-integrated guide rails
  • Door-panel sensors to DIN 18650



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TÜV-Certificate folding wing


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FFT Mounting Instructions

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