ES 68

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The ES 68 is a simple standalone sliding door operator that offers you more.

  • Convenience stores, low-rise offices, budget hotels.
  • They could all use a good automatic sliding door for their entrances.
  • But preferably one that is tailored for their needs.
  • This is where the ES 68 comes in.


Integrated Remote Key for security in your pocket

Establishments with small management staffs do not need complicated systems. They need a hassle-free system that offers them control. The ES 68 comes with a Remote Key that does just that: all the door functions, no bigger than a keychain, with a 32-bit ID makes it more secure than a mechanical key.

Even simple entrances could do with Premium Aesthetics

When walking through an automatic sliding entrance, the only thing one sees is the Activator. The ES 68 offers an Activator that is designed in Germany: Elegant, yet unobtrusive. Blends with the surroundings, yet offers a unique feel. Contains thoroughly tested electronics and is plug-and-play ready.

Durable, quiet drive for reliability and peace-of-mind

A good motor drive keeps the automatic door going. The ES 68 employs one that uses Brushless Technology, known for its strengths of long-lasting and low-noise. Proven performance for unrivaled quality and value.


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