ES 400

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The extremely low depth of the ES 400 operator for single- and double-panel sliding doors facilitates installation in non-standard door frames like for example in hospitals, operating theaters or the interior of buildings. Due to its simple and low-maintenance design, it guarantees easy handling and reliable operation as well as a long service life.

  • For single- and double-panel doors
  • The operator may be attached to the left or right side as required
  • Tested to DIN 18650 / EN 16005
  • Airlock function with up to three operators
  • Parameterization via PC or organizer
  • Push & Go function


Special requirements

The basic operator version already includes adequate special functions such as the Push & Go or Nurse/Bed functions (full and partial opening). The system further allows connection of safety sensors to DIN 18650 / EN 16005

DORMA ES 410 and 420 for single- and double-panel doors

For single- and double-panel doors the DORMA ES 410 effortlessly operates single-panel doors with a weight of up to 200 kg at a passage width of up to 3 m, while the DORMA ES 420 is especially suitable for double-panel doors with a door-panel weight of up to 2 x 125 kg.


Furthermore, the telescopic ES 415 sliding door operator extends the ES 400 system range. Thanks to its slender dimensions and its various ES 410 components, this operator for single-panel doors perfectly complements our ES 400 system.

Smooth operating behaviour

Due to their high operating dynamics, all operators provide smooth operating behaviour combined with excellent operating characteristics.

Fields of application

  • Sliding doors in hospitals/clinics
  • Barrier-free interior doors or doors in the catering sector

Supplementary equipment/options

  • Additional module for electronic safeguarding of secondary closing edges
  • Equipotential bonding contacts for door panels

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