Double Side Foam Tape 

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Double Sided PE Tape has strong and persistent adhesion with good weather resistance, chemicals resistance, buffering performance, voice absorption, and water-proof  and excellent adhesion performance. It has very good adhesion to various plastic material surface, esp suitable for the adhesion between the plastic parts (PE/PS/ABS/PP/PC/PVC) and the glass, metal. Also suitable for the hook and fabrics etc.


  • Adhesive : Acrylic
  • Base : PE foam
  • Tape thickness : 1 mm, tolerance: 0.1 mm
  • Color : White
  • Temperature : -20˚C – +90˚C
  • Permanent adhesion (h, 1 kg/in2) GB-4852: min. 48
  • Initial adhesion (circle method/N) PSTC-5: 25
  • Tensile strength (kg/25 mm) GB-7753: 2.4
  • Elongation (%) GB-7753: 150


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