Delta-flex Insulated Duct Connector 

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Delta-flex is a very strong fully flexible insulated duct connector and is widely used in air conditioning systems for commercial, industrial and residential applications. Ready carton dispensing completes the fabrication quicker more efficiently, and more economically than conventional method.


  • Quick and economical.
  • Delta-flex is complemented with the 4 bolt slide-on flange system and is the ideal solution for a ductwork connection system.
  • Insulated connection avoids condensation.
  • Delta-flex fabrics are complying with UL 214 and BS 476 Part 7 (Class 1). Design to meet NFPA 7001 (Formerly UL 214).
  • Unmatched durability and strength.
  • Strong air tight lock seams (Metal – Fabric – Metal)
  • Available in various width of metal and fabric.
  • Fire rated and high temperature resistant fabric is available for special applications such as kitchen extract ductwork, carpark extract ductwork and industrial applications.
  • Pre formed flexible connection fitted with 4 Bolt System Flange can be supplied in all sizes on request.
  • Larger metal widths available to suit Transverse Duct Flanges (TDF), Transvers Duct Connector (TDC).
  • Flexible Duct Connector uses 24 gauge or 28 gauge galvanized steel sheet complying with ASTM A653 (Formerly ASTMA 525) & ASTM A 924 with Zinc coating of Z 275 (G90) to give added corrosion resistance.
  • Insulation R Value – 4.2
  • Delta-flex Flexible Duct Connector standard roll length available is 100 feet.


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