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The dormakaba penta cross reversible key system combines tailor-made security and extremely high-level copy protection with convenient operation. Individual, serial cylinder or highly complex master key systems, the system’s versatility makes it ideal for securing all types of buildings – from family homes and residential complexes to public buildings and even industrial properties.

Product Features

More security

  • In the penta cross system, there is a cross-shaped recess with a movable active element in the key. When the key is inserted, the movement of the active element is queried by matching security elements in the lock cylinder. The matching lock cylinder can only be locked and unlocked when the movable active element is present in the key.

Even more technical features on request

  • Depending on the requirements, additional security features such as steel reinforcement shims, anti-drill or pulling protection can be selected.
  • Dust, insect or weather protection help depending on the installation.
  • Different thumbturn knob variants (e.g. design thumbturn knob) and coupling functions (e.g. double key override or priority function) offer even more convenience.

Free choice of lock cylinders

  • The cylinder programme features a wide variety of types to choose from. You can also integrate, for example, cyl for cabinet locks, key-operated switches or lift controls into the system. Choose between various cylinder surfaces to harmonise your design.

Quick and low-cost adaptation

  • The penta cross reversible key system offers high levels of investment protection, even when requirements change over the years.
  • A modular, upward-compatible system structure allows for quick and easy conversion of the lock cylinders to other lengths and types.
  • The existing lock cylinder can be adapted to a new length with little effort, for example for a new entrance door, or can be fitted with an elegant thumbturn knob.

Choose the shape and function of the keys

  • Default key with two-component clip.
  • Key with large key clip.
  • Key with long key bow.
  • Key with RFID transponder clip for integration in electronic access control systems.

Colours for visual orientation

  • Default keys available in 12 colours
  • Key with large key clip available in 12 colours
  • RFID transponder clips available with six different colour ring elements

Useful special functions

  • Depending on your requirements, you can supplement your individual solution with one of our numerous special functions. These offer added value in terms of functionality and benefits.


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