Calceium Silicate Insulation 

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Insultherm® Calcium Silicate insulation board and Pipe Cover are made from tobermolite (5CaO.6SiO2.5H2 0) crystal reinforced with non asbestos fibres. It is a rigid material exhibiting high compressive strength, low shrinkage value and low thermal conductivity, high heat resistance at high service temperature. It is non-toxic and chemically stable. It is known for its stability in different temperatures, asbestos-free, non-corrosive to stainless steel and maintains high thermal insulation properties even at 650 o (Type I) and 1000 o (Type II).

Insultherm® calcium silicate insulation materials have been used in various applications like Pipeline Facilities in Petroleum Refinery Chemical Industry, Oil Tank Insulation, Hydroelectricity, Nuclear Power, Thermal Power, City Heat Supply Network Insulation, Kitchen Duct, Exhaust Insulation, and Curved Slabs for Vessel/Equipment Insulation, Wall Insulation, Engine Exhaust Insulation, Insulation Slab, and Hotline Insulation and Thermal Support Inserts.

Insultherm® calcium silicate insulation materials have been approved by reputed consultants with excellent technical compliance that exceeds/meets all of the requirements of ASTM C533, Type I & II.

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