Basic XS 

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The Basic XS standard door opener is a convenient way to get controlled access and the secure closing of general doors in an extremely compact design. Since this can be installed in any position and is largely adjustable, the installation and upgrade are much easier. Standard door openers in the Basic XS series are suitable particularly for installations in slim profiles.

  • Multivoltage 12-24 V AC/DC
  • Ultra-compact housing
  • LH /RH universally applicable
  • Radius latch
  • 4 mm adjustability of latch
  • Optional easy-adapt latch guide


For everyone authorized to access a private, public or commercial building, the electric door openers in the Basic XS series from dormakaba offer an easy and convenient door release with a simple click, for example in connection with an intercom. For all others, the Basic XS series guarantees that doors in a variety of usage categories are securely locked – thanks to its extremely compact housing design and the multivoltine function, this is possible even in very slim profiles and mostly independently of the available operating voltage.

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