Bart 350

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Electromechanical operator for residential swing gates up to 2.3 meters. Ideal for installation on pillars of small and medium size. The electronics ensure a perfect control of the automation and safety, in addition to the normal functions of command.

    • • Unlock handle.
    • • Limit switch.
    • • Elpro 35M MASTER control. Elpro 35S PCB.



  • Strong and compact Fixing bracket in galvanized steel; articulated arm in galvanized steel or sliding guide. Limitswitch microswitch. Opening and closing gate stops.
  • Stylish Modern design with blue LED on the cover for operator status indication.
  • Quiet 24Vdc motor assembly mounted on ball bearings.
  • Intelligent Automatic programming of gate opening and slowdown to gate stops simply by means of a button. Manual programming of slowdowns.
  • Reliable The combined action of the encoder and Elpro 35M control board, constantly monitoring motor efforts, ensures the correct functioning of the gate in that any obstacle is promptly detected and gate travel reversed. Release handle with a coded key.
  • Tested and certified In compliance with the existing European Safety Norms EN 12445 and EN 12453.


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