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The forced removal detector dormakaba AM protects safes, weapons cabinets, vending/ gambling machines, showcases, objets d’art and window grilles against forced removal. The dprmakaba break-through detectors DBM/DGM/DSM for VdS-approved monitoring of vulnerable surfaces of doors, buildings and containers, for effective penetration detection (climb-through, reach-through and reach-through with tools).

  • Easy integration in intruder alarm systems
  • AM: closed-cicuit design
  • DxM: responds to intrusion attempts of all types


AM 115

The forced removal detector consists of a spacer ring, rated break point plate, tamper-monitored cover and and 4 m of interconnecting cable. Ideal for installation with M10 to M16 fasteners.

Benefits of dormakaba AM

  • Easy integration in intruder alarm systems
  • Anti-tamper monitoring contact
  • Closed-circuit design


dormakaba break-through detectors consist of a backing layer (fleece or plastic netting) with meandering sewn- on doublestranded wires. Attempts to break or reach through have the effect of changing the electrical resistance of the break through detector, so causing the electronic monitoring system to trigger the alarm.

Benfits of dormakaba DBM/DGM/DSM

  • Immediate detection and alarm is triggered at the very first attempt at forced entry
  • responds to intrusion attempts of all types
  • easy to incorporate into intruder alarm systems
  • operates on the fail-safe/closed-circuit principle

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