AL 401

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The AL 401 is the ultimate heavy duty deluxe automatic door operator, engineered to accommodate the extremes of automatic door control. Its unique rubber mounted stainless steel tracking system and heavy duty cowl provide the ultimate in product longevity, load capacity (400kg Max.) and installation alternatives.

  • Made in Australia
  • High Security Locking
  • Heavy Duty & Robust
  • Purpose Designed Motor
  • Fully Integrated UPS system
  • State-of-the-Art Electronics


For bi parting and single sliding doors

The AL 401 is designed to control and operate bi parting and single sliding doors including aluminium framed and frameless glass doors up to 19mm thick.


The AL401 automatic door operator is a proven performer in airports, shopping centres, supermarkets, hotels hospitals, financial institutions, sports stadiums and many other commercial sites that require a solution to the extremes of automatic door control.

Door weights up to 400kg

Some doors are made of 19mm toughened glass or timber, and are set at 3-4 meters in height. These doors can prove to be awkward and too heavy for many operators to move. With the high torque opening speed of the 01 motor and the reinforced stainless steel track, the 01 series is capable of moving total door weights of up to 400kg.

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