Acoustic Board

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Twiga Acoustic Board is a high-density rigid board made of glass wool insulation. One side is laminated with black glass cloth for better sound absorption and aesthetic finish, while the other side is laminated with aluminum foil to act as a vapor barrier.


Product Specification

Product name: Twiga Acoustic Board.

Thickness: 25 mm thick rigid board.

Density: 70-80 kg/m3.


Top facing: Black glass cloth.

Bottom facing: Aluminum foil.

Size of the board: 2.5m x 1.2m.


Lower installation cost.

Increases room space due to lower insulation thickness.

High acoustic properties.

No perforated metal cover is required.

More area for acoustic absorption.

Easy to install, maintain, and retrofit.

No fiber migration.


AHU room.

Sound attenuator/box.

Generator canopy.

Vibration control at automobile crash testing pit.



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