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Whether it is your family, home or office – security is essential. DORMA multipoint locking systems provide multiple protection against intruders with high-quality primary and lateral locks. And these systems also help protect against excessive noise and energy wastage because the additional locking points keep the door particularly tight against its seal.

  • Automatic locking of latch bolt, 3 deadbolts and rotating hook bolts
  • 3 user-selectable functions
  • Can be combined with fixed knob, pull handle or classic lever which gives emergency unlocking
  • External and internal opening at a single turn of the key
  • Even if one of the deadbolts is attacked, all the others remain engaged
  • Available for escape routes


Multipoint locking system 830/831 series
This new range of DORMA locks includes three user-selectable functions:

0      = Full automatic locking of deadbolts and latch bolt

1      = Partial locking by latch bolt only

2      = Hold-open function

Automatic locking
The 830/831 series offers automatic locking of the latch bolt and deadbolts as the door engages with the frame. The selector provided within the forend can be switched at any time. The deadbolt only engages once the latch has penetrated the striking plate to a depth of at least 3mm. With this feature, the latchbolt aligns the door leaf tightly to the frame, ensuring that the deadbolt can engage smoothly and securely.

External and internal opening
A single turn of the key unlocks the deadbolts, with a further quarter turn disengaging the latch bolt With internal opening, lever handle rotation of 45° will engage both the deadbolts and the latch bolt.

High security mechanism
A single turn of the key in the locking direction prevents lever handle operation from the inside, the other direction reenables it. This security feature is only available once the deadbolt has been completely engaged, thus preventing inadvertent activation. This also ensures that automatic deadbolt locking is fully completed, even if a connecting rod has been blocked. Hence, if one of the deadbolts is attacked, all the others remain engaged. The lever block prevents opening from the inside (or indeed from the outside if the door has been broken through), thus providing additional security while also ensuring easier, safer exit control.

Tested and verified

  • Compliant with prEN 15685
  • Resistant to lateral thrust forces > 1000kg and a front load > 600 kg
  • Corrosion resistance proved over more than 240 hours of saline exposure
  • Proven durability with over 200,000 opening and closing cycles and a 120 N load

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