The Leader in Smart Home Solutions

Since 1989, ELAN has been dedicated to simplifying and enhancing the smart home experience.

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Early pioneer of multi-source / multi-zone ​
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Developed first residential structured wiring products
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Developed patented A/V & telephone integration​
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Early development of whole-house systems​
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Charter Member of CEDIA​
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Most comprehensive system offering on market

Capture the feeling of smarter living

We bring advanced smart home automation systems to homeowners across Sri Lanka. Our award-winning smart home entertainment and control system seamlessly combines whole home audio and video, TV, climate, lighting and other home systems with an easy-to-use interface that puts you in control, from anywhere in the home or anywhere in the world.

Few of our solutions

Whole Home Automation & Control

Your music, movies, sports and TV are at your command via a sleek remote, tablet or convenient smart home touch panel in any room. Your smart security system, climate, lights,garage door, and more are all under your control fromyour smart devices in any location.

Smart Intercom

Smart Irrigation

Smart Audio & Media

Smart Security

Smart Lighting

Smart Shading System

Smart Climate Control

Smart Control System

Personalized To Fit You & Your Life

The unique beauty of an ELAN system is that everyone gets exactly what they want. Every ELAN system celebrates the individuality of the user and is customized to deliver absolute satisfaction with our smart home control.

Built with the Future in Mind

ELAN’s built-in flexibility means that adding or upgrading your home technology will be easier and more cost-efficient in the future.

One-Touch & Voice Control Convenience

With the Intelligent Touch Panels and voice control through Amazon Alexa it’seasier than ever to connect your living room and all other rooms in your homeinto a truly intelligent home. With our smart home system, you’re set up for success.

Reimagine How You Enjoy Comfort

Smart technology brings the perfect blend of design and functionality to every room in your home, from the bedroom to the home theatre.

Features & Benefits


Our smart home solutions make your life easier. The automatic intercommunication among devices simplifies your daily routines; you don’t have to lift a finger and you’re always in control wherever you are.


There are different smart devices ready to secure and protect your home. You'll be able to detect motion and receive alerts when there’s any emergency.

Cost & Energy Saving

There will be no more wasting with our solutions. Save valuable energy by smartly linking the appliances in your home as well as networking your heating to be in control of your energy bills.

Who will benefit from this system

We will provide you with the latest technology features without having to become an expert yourself and help you achieve your vision for your projects. Seamlessly integrated into your design, our smart home automation, control and entertainment solutions will complement your visual ethos and significantly enhance your projects— aesthetically and financially.

Our systems add significant value to domestic or commercial property. We work with property developers and house builders to integrate the latest automation, control and entertainment technology—which can greatly increase the market value of a project and even accelerate its sale.

We can help you create your dream smart home with the design, specification and installation of home automation and entertainment systems.