10 Smart Home Automation Features for High-End Apartment Complexes

1. Operate Access Control with a Mere Tap

Operating your access Control is as easy as pressing a simple button, As long as your Access Control System is connected to the home automation system you can access your system remotely and get information on who checks in and out of your apartment, Such data can serve as substantial evidence in legal proceedings, enhancing both convenience and security within smart home environments. In this blog post we will delve deep into 10 Smart Home Automation Features for High-End Apartment Complexes.

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2. Voice Assistants

A voice assistant integrated into your home can provide you with easy accessibility, may it be to operate home utilities such as running a bath or brewing coffee, or playing your favorite music, everything is just a simple phrase away!

3. Live Security Surveillance

Whether you’re out of your home and want to have a peek at what’s happening at your apartment, or had a burger alert from a suspicious activity detected, You can review your live/past footage anywhere at any time with a mere touch

Did You Know: Elan Home Automation System provides its users with alerts for any suspicious activities.
They provide 24/7 live surveillance for your system, Making sure that any potential threats are addressed proactively, templars, safeguarding your system and preemptively addressing any potential threats, ensuring the protection and tranquility of your home.

4. Home Entertainment

You can play any audio and videos of your choice with your smart home system, indulging in the cinematic experience and enjoying the therapeutic effect of a DJ right in the comfort of your apartment complex.

You can monitor who is using the entertainment system and what they are watching. With a smart home automation system, you can make sure that the children are safe by controlling what the kids can access through the system.

5. Fire and Gas/ Water Leak Detectors

You can integrate alarms for fire, gas, and water leakages to receive alerts when something needs fixing, further enhancing the safety of your living space.

6. Indoor Gardening Systems

This system enables you to effortlessly sustain the optimal conditions necessary for your garden, including sunlight, temperature, shading, humidity, and watering, all conveniently controlled from a single location. You can nurture plants in your apartment from the other end of the globe.

Using smart plant monitors, you’ll receive notifications when a plant requires watering, fertilizing, or adjustments to its environment.

Smart garden technology for growing plants flat icon vector illustration

7. Smart Appliances

With an intelligent, smart kitchen with all your appliances seamlessly integrated into your system, Life can never be easier. you can easily operate your coffee machine when you wake up from bed, operate your stoves from miles away.

8. Smart Pet Care

Ensure the well-being of your precious little ones by operating their feeders and treats from miles away! You can let them roam a bit or fetch the Sunday paper for you, all while keeping tabs on their whereabouts using GPS-enabled collars that seamlessly integrate with your system.

9. Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Cleaning can never be a headache with robot vacuum cleaners, Enjoy your favorite movie while your vacuum-operated robot takes care of the cleaning, all operated from a mere app!

10. Energy Monitoring

Provide you with insights into their energy usage through smart home automation systems, helping you identify ways to conserve energy and reduce utility costs. No matter whether you’re an apartment owner or a tenant, this makes having a smart home automation system a massive advantage.

Why Elan for high-end apartments?

Smart Intercom

An entirely new mode of communication. Respond to your door from across the nation, or access your home from anywhere in the globe. With every SIP door station, ELAN Intercom is compatible.

Smart Irrigation

Give your garden the appropriate amount watering. When you’re at home or away, you may use your ELAN System to schedule irrigation and change it at any moment to safeguard your property and save water.

Smart Control Systems

Voice and face recognition in touch panels. With a distinctive fly-out menu that provides one-touch access to your most often used home functions, ELAN’s award-winning touch panels acknowledge you for the ultimate in customization.

Smart Climate Control

Remain cozy in your own house. ELAN maintains your house energy-efficient and comfortable. When it comes to internal temperatures, heating, and cooling systems, intelligent features automatically anticipate your demands.

Smart Lighting

Our technology predicts the ideal setting for you. As soon as you arrive home or wake up, ELAN activates the smart lighting to welcome you. Awaiting a visitor? One touch creates the ideal atmosphere for a party.

Smart Shading Systems

Improve the way your house looks. You have the most options for efficiency, style, and mood thanks to ELAN’s smooth control over the motorized curtains and shades.

Smart Security

Improve the way your house looks. You have the most options for efficiency, style, and mood thanks to ELAN’s smooth control over the motorized curtains and shades.

TV Smart Audio & Media

For all of your entertainment needs, one-touch control. With ELAN’s home entertainment system, choosing different media for each room or spreading your favorite music around the house is simple.

Usage of smart home automation in high end apartments can significantly enhance tenant experience and is a massive advantage as apartment owners can gather data on what their tenants prefer to enhance the overall experience in the future. These features of smart home automation systems can make tenants want to stay for the convenient tech tech-savvy experience.